Organic Facebook Posts

Organic vs. Auto Posting

Auto Posting IS A HUGE NO NO!!

There are several companies out there that will sell you on the fact that you need to post, any posting is good posting, wrong! That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Facebook is one of the top five largest search engines in the world. Facebook’s algorithm can identify auto posts and will mark them as “Spam”, just like those spam emails that you never see. Your community is NOT seeing those auto posts. 

Stop the auto post game and go Organic! There’s too much money to be made on Facebook to be cutting corners.


Why Should You Be Organically Posting?

Facebook is great for “Top of Mind Marketing”. No one really reads their email anymore, the best way to stay in front of your prospects along with past customers is consistent Facebook postings. 

Manually logging into your Facebook page and posting three to five times a week is key but most agents don’t have the time or flat out just don’t want to do it. 

NextGen Markets not only posts for you throughout the week but our clients are able to rely on our team to run their Facebook Ads as well. 

Facebook is the Largest and Most-Used Social Media Network

How Facebook Can Benefit your Business:

Helps build your online brand

Increase productivity

Facilitates lead generation

More visibility

Customer engagement & connections with your posts and/or direct messaging

• “Book Now” tool allows for easy appointment scheduling

• “Keyword Search” function allows you to find people or content of interest

Posts/Ads offers digital marketing & conversion rate optimization with CTA buttons

#Hastags can make your Posts more searchable

NEXTGEN Markets Premiere Team are Experienced in Optimizing the Most Popular E-Commerce & CMS Website Platforms

Stay in the Forefront of Your Follower’s Minds with Organic Facebook Postings 

♦ Motivational/Inspirational Posts

♦ Engagement Posts

♦ Call To Action (CTA)

♦ Industry Specific Tips, Info, Articles 

♦ Fun Facts

♦ Your Listings and/or Open Houses (for Real Estate Clients)

(*2 packages – call for details)

NEXTGEN Markets are Experts in Optimizing the Most Popular E-Commerce Platforms

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